Fastest python framework [FastAPI]

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“The speed-oriented modern web framework”.

The FastAPI is not just only the fastest framework also has these features as a good framework.

  • Fast to code: less code and very powerful to develop features. increases development speed by about 200% to 300%

FastAPI stands on the shoulders of two giants

Source from the official documentation

Let's get started with FastAPI

  1. Firstly we install fastapi.
pip install fastapi

2. We need an ASGI server, for production such as Uvicorn.

pip install uvicorn[standard]

3. Then we create file with the following:

from fastapi import FastAPI  app = FastAPI()  

def read_root():
return {"Hello": "World"}

4. Run the server with uvicorn.

Now we can navigate to and see the JSON response.

{"message":"Hello World!"}

That’s it!

That is a just start to FastAPI. Let’s talk more about FastAPI in the next articles.


We all see that how much FastAPI is beginner-friendly. It is really easy to get started and continue your projects. Make sure to share your thoughts about the FastAPI.

Thanks for reading :)

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